Class Reflection

My favorite project this semester was the audio interview we did with a classmate. I did not have any experience with editing audio files and I enjoyed this project. I liked having to come up with a good interview and then having to edit the audio into an audio journalism story.

I learned a lot of valuable skills in this course that will definitely be used in the future. The audio journalism projects were very good practice at editing audio, gathering different types of audio such as ambient noise, and being able to put together a good story. The way technology is changing these skills are a must to be well-rounded and have more skills as a journalist.

The photojournalism was also very useful. Learing some basic skills of how to take better photos was very important. Learning the creative devices were important skills to take better photos. Photojournalism is another excellent skill as journalist as like the audio journalism it’s another skill to do more as a journalist.

Putting the audio and the photos together was really good practice to hone our skills at both principles at the same time. These projects were really good real world practice. These projects are things that journalists can find themselves needing to know how to do and be expected to do for their job.

I am going to continue in the direction of journalism focusing on public relations. My ideal career would be somehow working directly with sports either professional or at a university. This class gave me real world experience that really gave me a look at some of the things I might have to do with what I want to do. This class was the first class I have taken that I really gained real world type experience which is very helpful.

I don’t think there are any skills that I wish I would have learned. I am very happy with everything I learned in this class. This class is the most helpful class I have had the opportunity to take in my college career to this point.

SoundSlides Individual Project

The individual soundslides project was to do a profile on a topic and using photos and audio tell a story. The purpose for this assignment was to practice doing photography and audio journalism to make a story.

The experience of doing a project like this alone was different in having to make sure you pay attention to every detail. In this case you don’t have someone to check with to make sure things are completed or make sure nothing is missing. Doing this project alone also made much more work to do. Having to do all the audio interviews and photos and put the project together.

I enjoyed doing the project with a partner because you can bounce ideas off each other and come up with an idea for the project. It is also nice to have another persons point of view to decide on what photos to use and how to conduct the interviews. On the other hand working alone gives more control on deciding all the elements of the project. Overall I would rather do a project like this alone.

When I went to the youth football games to take photos the players thought that it was the coolest thing that someone wanted pictures of them. I thought it was good how focused they were on the game that they didn’t pay attention to me or try to pose. Once the game started they were all about the game and made it easier for me to try to photograph them.

The basketball games were much harder to photograph. It is difficult to take photos in a gym anyway, but having two games being played at the same time side by side made it even more difficult. Finding a position to shoot from without being in someones way was a challenge. Also having the coaches out on the court with the players made it hard to not have them in a shot.

It was also hard to get audio. Some of the parents did not want their child doing an interview that would be on the internet. So I was somewhat limited on who I could get audio from.

If I would change anything I would just do the project from a different prospective. I like how this one turned out, but I think it would also be good to hear from the coaches or even the people in charge of the various leagues.

My soundslide project

Group Soundslides Project Critique

John Czerwinski & Andrew Joannides

I really liked the photos used in this project. The photo with the three Wyoming helmets in the end zone was a really good shot. The story flowed well with the audio matching the photos. I thought it was a good story to use the past as well as a more current part of the Wyoming football team to tell the story. The audio was easy to hear and did not have any distractions.

The only advice I have is trying to fit some ambient noise into the story. Sporting events all have some sort of noise that I think can be used in a story like this one. Overall, I think this was a really good sports story.

Zak Bolender & Justin Trygg

This was an informative story about a topic I had never heard of. The photos and the audio went really well together. The ambient noise in the middle of the story fit well and helped the flow of the story.

As well as the photos matched the audio maybe having more photos of the zombies would enhance the story. I did like seeing more than just the zombies, and I thought it was a well done story.

Jordan Dixon & Megan Tanaka

This story I think did a good job of portraying what it is like to have a job and be a full-time student. The photos were really well done and had some unique angles for the shots that I enjoyed.

The audio for the most part was easy to hear, but I did have a harder time hearing the last speaker. My advice would be making sure the audio is clear throughout.

I learned from viewing other students’ projects to pay close attention to how the audio sounds. Making sure all the speakers can be heard. Also to pay attention to match up the photos with the audio as best as possible so the story flows with audio as well as visually.

Soundslide Ideas

Wyoming Cowgirls Volleyball

The first idea we have is a profile/news story on the Wyoming volleyball team. We could profile how the season is going for the team and some individual players. This could be an interesting story since it is about one of the teams at our school. It could also be a unique look into volleyball which does not get near as much attention as other sports. We could talk to some of the players to get an inside view of the team and players, fans that have seen them play this season, and people from the athletics department that have seen all the games.

Business: Brown and Gold

I like Patrick’s idea of doing a feature on a business like the Brown and Gold. Get a behind the scenes look at what goes on for game days for events at the university. I think it would give a good perspective on how much work goes on to host sporting events. Sources could be talking to employees to see exactly what they do game to game, fans who utilize the things that workers do, and someone in the sports marketing department.

Laramie Youth Sports

I think a feature on youth sports could be a good story. There are many people who have to be involved to make youth sports work and it takes time and dedication from these people. This story is important to non traditional students who have kids and want to know more about youth sports. I could talk to coaches to see why they participate in youth sports, parents of the players about why sports are important to their kids, and kids who are playing the sports to see why they want to play.

Audio Profile Critique

Sarah Alfred is the first audio profile I will critique.

I like the audio profile Sarah made of Otis. It was a good profile that covered more than one topic. I liked how it transitioned from basketball into more in-depth information about music.

The only thing I would advise would be trying to make the recording less choppy. It was not very smooth in places. Besides the rough places the audio was really clear and easy to hear Otis. The interview flowed well and told a good story. Ambient noise could have been used maybe to enhance the interview, but I thought it was just fine without. Overall I think this was a well done interview.

The second critique I will do is Jessica Peck.

Jessica did a really good job on her audio profile. The audio is clear and smooth and you can hear Andie easily throughout. Jessica did a good job of creating a story out of the interview. It was interesting hearing Andie talk about Colorado and growing up there.

I think for any audio profile ambient noise could be considered, but I don’t think not having ambient noise takes away from this audio profile. I don’t have any critiques. I think this was really well done.

Cody Hess

Advice I would give myself for the future would be having the questions exactly how I want to ask them before the interview starts. Also having extra questions even if you don’t use them could be handy just in case the interview doesn’t play out exactly how you thought it might.

I learned that for an audio profile you need to concentrate on more than just the interview itself. You have to be aware of your surroundings and any noises that could make editing much more difficult. I learned that I should have considered using some ambient noise. I do think it could have been used in my profile and been effective.

Edited Interview

I had a good experience editing this interview. Having some prior experience from the previous assignment made it much easier. I think having at least some prior experience always makes for a better experience when working on things you are not used to doing. I also had a fun experience doing something that I have wondered about but have never had the opportunity to do before now.

One thing that I learned was having a pause in between the end of the answer before the next question makes it easier to edit. Leaving space makes it easy to use audacity to copy what you want to keep, and delete what you don’t want to keep. This was advice from prior students and I really think it helped me be able to edit my voice out much easier. I also learned that it was kind of difficult to edit the five-minute interview down to two minutes. When you have a good five-minute interview deciding what to leave out and still make a good audio profile is difficult.

I enjoyed taking the five-minute interview and getting to decide what to keep for the two-minute profile. I also enjoyed putting different parts of the interview together to see how it sounded. It was fun playing with different features to see what can make the audio better and or more interesting. I didn’t like having to cut a lot out, but it was fun deciding what would be kept.

One thing that did surprise me was how different the interview sounds after I edited my voice out. It is interesting how even without hearing the questions the interview forms into a good audio profile.

I think going over what the questions will be before the interview starts could make the answers more ‘edit’ friendly. Remembering to re-state the question in the answer for all the questions would make it much easier to put the profile together.

I think doing more interviews and getting more experience editing will make things go more smoothly.

Unedited Audio Interview

My experience for this interview was a good one. I was nervous about making it long enough and asking the right questions. It ended up being easier than I thought. Patrick is very interested in sports as I am, so it was easy to ask questions and have the interview make sense.

It felt awkward at first using an audio recorder to interview someone. It didn’t feel as natural as a normal conversation at the beginning. As the interview went on I felt more comfortable and it didn’t seem like just an ‘interview’ but more like we were just chatting about sports.

It felt just as awkward for me being interviewed with the audio recorder. It felt to me like we were talking to the recorder, and not to each other. But just like doing the interview it got less and less awkward as it went.

I learned from this interview to just be calm and look at it like a normal conversation. I also learned that prepared questions before the interview starts are just a good start, but the interview takes a life of its own depending on the answers to the questions.

I really enjoyed doing an actual interview. Having to come up with enough questions and answers to take 5 minutes was a fun challenge. I also enjoyed getting to know a classmate better than I did before.

I enjoyed every part of this assignment, it was educational.

One thing that I wish would have been more smooth was my question asking. I talked to much in the questions, and could have asked them better. So if I could have done something differently it would be thinking more about the questions before talking.

Three Audio Stories

The first audio story I listened to was “The Sports Fan” from the New York Times “One in 8 Million” series.

This story was about a women who is a documentary film maker who watches football to relieve the pressure of her work. Football helps her feel balanced, giving her an ‘out’ to get away from real life for three hours once a week during the football season. She was a casual sports can as a child to bond with her dad when they lived in Chicago.

My experience listening to this story was seeing someone view watching football for a completely different reason as to why I watch football. It was interesting to me to see that someone would watch such a violent game to relax.

I liked how well the story flowed and was easy to follow. She was very easy to understand, and told a nice story. The journalist did a nice job of storytelling. The transitions from one point to the next were well done. The only thing I didn’t really like about the story were the photos that went with the narration. I think she could have used more photos involving football. There were a few in the story, but I felt that there should have been more since the story was about her watching football.

The second story I listened to was “Social Security: The ‘Third Rail’ No More?” from NPR. This story was about presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

I liked how this story had more than one speaker. It had quotes from other presidential candidates, people being interviewed and Rick Perry himself.

My experience listening to this story was not very interested. I’m not interested in politics, so a story like this does not really interest me. The journalist did a good job of making this story more interesting than it could have been, along with getting more than one point of view. The quotes fit well with the story and enhanced getting the message out. I didn’t like how long the story was even though it was not very long. It is difficult to retain all the information when you hear a story so quickly. I don’t think there is anything I would change. The story was well done.

The third story I listened to was from the Kansas Scholastic Press Association. This was a staff reporter interviewing Bill Frakes a photographer from Sports Illustrated. The story was Bill Frakes talking about how he tells stories as a photographer. He also mentions how he likes using different medias to tell his stories.

There are some distractions of noise throughout the story that makes the experience not as good as other stories. I did like the idea of getting insight from a photographer from Sports Illustrated. I didn’t like how the reporters voice was louder than Bill Frakes. There are also sounds of the microphone when it goes from the question to the answer. The journalist needs to edit the audio better to make the story sound like it should. If the audio was edited better this story would be much more appealing.

Beginning Audio Recording & Editing

This assignment is my first time making audio recordings of ambient noise. I took 12 short recordings of ambient noise and picked the 6 best for this blog. The recordings were taken outside, in the press box at the Wyoming football game against Nebraska, and at my home.

1> Ambient Noise in the press box at the football game #1

This noise was recorded in the press box at the Wyoming football game against Nebraska. It was a few minutes before kickoff and you hear an announcement being made to the media and other people talking. This could be an audio journalism story about what the media does in the press box at football games.

2> Ambient Noise outside at football game

This was recorded on the field at War Memorial Stadium before the football game against Nebraska as the band was practicing. This could be an audio journalism story about college bands or a marching band.

3> Ambient Noise kids playing basketball

This was recorded at Spring Creek Elementary School where the kindergarten, first, and second graders have basketball practice. The ‘thumping’ sound is the basketball bouncing and the kids yelling at each other. This could be used as an audio journalism story about kids playing sports mainly basketball.

4> Ambient Noise at Home

This was recorded in the evening at my house. My family and I were just sitting around watching a baseball game on tv. This could possibly be used to be a story about family’s and what they do at home as a family.

5> Ambient Noise in the press box at the football game

This was also recorded in the press box at the Wyoming football game against Nebraska. You can hear the crowd cheering, and some people talking. The people talking are members of the Wyoming media relations and this could be an audio journalism story about what the press box is like at college football games.

6> Ambient Noise Kids Basketball Practice

This was also recorded at Spring Creek Elementary School. The youth basketball team was having practice. You can hear the basketball being dribbled and a coach encouraging his team on their shots. This could be an audio journalism story on youth basketball, or on the coaches who coach the kids.

The next section is audio editing. I recorded myself counting to 10 out-of-order, and then edited the file to have the numbers in order.


The purpose for this was to practice recording sounds and being able to edit the recording. This was my first time editing audio files. I think audio journalism and sound editing is going to be fun. The programs to edit the files work well, and I have no fear in this field. I also think it is an interesting way to do a story instead of just print or photos.

Photojournalism Peer Critique

Jaron Jenkins

I really enjoyed the photos Jaron posted for this assignment. I think firefighters training is a very unique subject, and the photos were really well done.

I really liked ‘One by One’. The helmets and oxygen tanks made for a good pattern. I also like how you don’t see a fire but you know what the men are doing going into the building.

I also really think ‘Through the smoke and fire’ is a really good photo. There is a clear subject and the smoke shows that there was (or is) a fire in the building. I really liked capturing them on the way out of the building.

Overall I think this set of photos is very strong. Jaron was able to eliminate distractions to keep the focus on the subject.

The only thing I think to work on would be trying not to have the subject always in the center of the photo. In some situations it is difficult to accomplish that, and I don’t think it takes away from any of these photos. I think these photos tell a story and accomplishes photojournalism.

Patrick Pajak

I also really liked the photos posted by Patrick. I liked the idea of using golf for the sports feature. Golf does not contain the most action in a general sense, but these photos capture the action that is contained in golf.

‘Lazy Sunday’ for the non sports feature I think is a really good photo. Leaving the taxi sign in the photo makes this photo very strong, instead of just some guy sleeping in his car. I think this photo really captures a human interest aspect of life.

The golf photos like ‘Blast’, ‘We Have Liftoff’, and ‘Bombs Away’ really illustrate the action of a golf shot. Using a vertical shot for ‘Blast’ to give a different perspective was a good shot.

Overall I think the photos were really strong. Patrick did an excellent job at not having distractions take away from the subject in the shots.

One thing to work on would be maybe trying to get different angles with the golfer on the green. Since golfers are stationary until they hit the ball maybe try to get different perspectives of the shot. I don’t think there was anything wrong with these photos, and they capture the essence of the subject.

Golf is not the easiest sport to get really strong action photos, but I think Patrick was able to get some really good photos.